Domnarski Farm Blog Log

The Domnarski Farm is located on 55 acres of beautiful Massachusetts pasture land and woods, abutting thousands of additional acres of undeveloped and conservation land. We offer horse boarding opportunities and will host monthly trail rides welcoming others to trailer in their horses for a day of pleasant riding. Below is a chronological account of the latest noteworthy developments and events!

Monday, February 28, 2005

The dark blue is the 55 acre Domnarski Farm. The light blue is the short loop (takes about 1hr 40min) and the red was today's riding to the top of Pattaquattic Hill (1hr 40 min with some faster pace and also some sight seeing). Danni rode Nikki and I rode Cocoa. Cocoa has new front shoes with borium nubs for grip on the ice and Nikki was barefoot. We figure this was a intermediate ride made advanced at times because of the steepness, footing and one difficult brook crossing. Both horses did great. They trusted us and did what we requested from them. Can't ask for much better than that! Pattaquattic Hill is the highest point in Palmer. We were able to see the Quabbin Reservoir, Mt. Tom in Holyoke, CT and past Worcester since there are no leaves on the trees. No wind so we didn't freeze, and it was nice to get in another ride just before the big snow storm we are supposed to get tonight. Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Look at this huge new round pen. The pen is set up to extend Nikki's paddock. It serves it's purpose well to help her settle into her new home without having to feel cooped up. Isn't that great? All that separates her from her new companion horses is the wooden fence line of her paddock, and then the panels of the round pen.

When it comes to a round pen, it's a very versatile "tool". If it's just for longeing, you can use a smaller one, but if you will be long lining, free longeing, breaking young horses, and doing other basic round-pen work, a larger round pen, such as the one in the picture is ideal. This pre-fab metal round pen consists of several "sub-sections" made up of panels; so the diameter of it can be enlarged or shrunk with relative ease. It's a really nice quality round pen, and Nikki just LOVES hanging out in it, whether it's for relaxation, rolling, or, if I show up on the scene, WORK!!! Thanks, Matt, for installing it. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Shed gets flipped back upright but roof doesn't survive! I didn't really like the old roof anyway and now this is an opportunity to build a better one that also matches the barn. I took a long rope and pulled the shed to flip it to remain a safe distance in the process. All went well and now I have some carpentry to do. Posted by Hello

My two farm hands got a ride back to the John Deere 350 parking spot. Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 12, 2005

We enjoyed a great two hour ride. If I ever thought it might get a little cold today, I was totally wrong. The horse's spirits were high, and our blood got pumping as we headed down the snowy paths. We quickly went from peaceful trail riding to moderate wilderness riding. Riding over the hills and across small creeks kept me quite warm. The real adventures happened when we encountered unexpected surprises, such as a fallen tree where we needed to work our way around, or crossing a puddle, and my horse being the only one who though she shouldn't get her feet wet. LOL. Depending on the saddle sores (not on my horse!) I am ready to do it again as early as tomorrow. And why not??? The trails are right there--right off the property!!! Now how much luckier can I be, as a boarder? Posted by Hello

What a ride, what a ride, what a ride! We had another great ride!!!! The picture speaks for itself. Two (+) hours of companionship, riding, fresh air, and adventure!
And if you find you are getting tired of just looking at pictures, then there is a great (and the only) remedy:
Saddle up and come join the fun!!!
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If you checked the cracks and crevices of this bolder, you may just get lucky and find another hidden treasure! This picture was taken on 2/12/2005; another great day out on the trails. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Captain Kidd's Rock

Here's the local history on Shaw's Tavern and Captain Kidd's letter....

One of the most mysterious legends born in Palmer is that of the Captain Kidd letter found on the property of Samuel Shaw in 1849 (today the Pottoquatnck District). The story is about 2 young Shaw men who were out hunting rabbits when their dog chased one under a stone ledge. The young men reached in and found a glass vial tightly sealed with sheet lead and wound in wire. Brought to the house, the bottle had to be broken to be opened inside was a roll of paper dated 1700-1, the old method of dating 1701.

The paper was a letter from Robert Kidd and addressed to John Bailey Esq. of New York. The letter stated that Kidd had been captured as a pirate and was to be sent back to England for trial. Kidd instructs Bailey to rush to Boston, specifically to Conant’s Island in Boston Harbor to dig up 2 chests “containing from fifteen to twenty thousand pounds sterling, in money, jewels and diamonds.” The letter goes on to give specific information on where the chests are buried and cautions Bailey to say nothing about the letter, to ‘keep dark to any but my friends.” The courier was instructed to hide the vial if he met with trouble or was taken by Indians, and return for it if he was able to escape. In 1701 Palmer was wilderness except for the Indian Trails that crossed through the area.

The finding of this letter 148 years later caused a major stir in town. The great debate was over whether the letter was genuine and if there really was a treasure buried in Boston Harbor. Samuel Shaw later that year went to Conant’s Island, by then renamed Governor’s Island. By the time Shaw arrived its name was not the only thing that had changed. The shores of the island had eroded and the coastline altered. The area where the chests were to have been buried had been long ago swept away by the tide. Consequently the mystery has never been solved; to­day the place “where x marks the spot” is covered by Logan Airport. The note today is in the collection of the Connecticut Valley Historical Museum in Springfield.

Got another trail ride in!

Lisa and I took out Roger and Cocoa for about 1 hr and 40 min. We saw the same three deer but this time they were just standing on a hill top checking us out.

It was good weather and we are waiting to see if its 3-6 inches of snow on Thrusday or maybe more. This time we cut through the woods on Brown Road to Bacon Road, and clip-clopped through "Bel Air Estates" to check how the new houses were coming along. We rode up to Nemaneseck, and back toward's Captain Kidd's Rock, and toward the beaver dam. Then it was a little bushwhacking to short cut to Brown Road so we wouldn't be too late to pick up Ben at school.

A nice little ride on a Tuesday morning!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

You need those sunglasses for the reflection off the snow! Posted by Hello

Lisa, her niece Madeline and I had another great trail ride today in the unbelievably clear weather. It took us 1hour and 50 minutes to do the same trail that Danni and I did yesterday. Nikki wasn't too happy that her two boyfriends left her behind in her stall but she survived. We saw three deer (well...we saw their tails as they ran away!) Madeline is on a "Kiddie-Up" that attaches to the back of my saddle. Posted by Hello

Added a portable round pen.

We added a portable 60' round pen to the farm! Its great for training, lunging, riding and even using as a portable paddock.

Danni and I got our first trail ride in for the year yesterday. It was 1 hour and 40 minutes and Danni/Nikki's first snow ride. It was warmer than I thought it would be and I actually had to take off my fur hat and ride without gloves because I was hot. Not bad for February in New England! Puppy enjoyed the trip too! Posted by Hello

We sent John Lyons an e-mail asking where we could find this picture and he was nice enough to reply back to us and send it! Since I am a helicopter pilot and horse rider, its always been one of my favorites...and I can really appreciate that his horse is tolerating the comotion. If you didn't know how great a trainer John is, this picture should prove it! Posted by Hello

Run-in shelter owners take note!!! Our steel framed portable shed got flipped by the crazy wind on 01-14-05. Lucky no horses were over there because the fences are not done in that pasture. I'm surprised because the shed opening faces south and is very heavy. I'll strip it down and rebuild to the frame, and then anchor it!
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