Domnarski Farm Blog Log

The Domnarski Farm is located on 55 acres of beautiful Massachusetts pasture land and woods, abutting thousands of additional acres of undeveloped and conservation land. We offer horse boarding opportunities and will host monthly trail rides welcoming others to trailer in their horses for a day of pleasant riding. Below is a chronological account of the latest noteworthy developments and events!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Julia came up to visit Sister, and met Star for the first time and said, "Oh what a beautiful horse! I'd love to ride him..." so the story goes. No problem, right? Quick cell phone call and Kelsey's parents say...sure...he could use the exercise. Turns out that Star had decided that he wasn't going to cooperate. Julia and I have a couple of theories. Julia's is that she let him have a little too much freedom and then Star decided he was going to challenge her once she got a bit too relaxed on him (he didn't want to ride out to the West pasture and then was thinking about rearing...) I agree with that but have a theory that he let me ride him on the trail last week with no problems because everything was so new to him that he was more obediant (not comfortable enough to misbehave). Lisa's theory that he bonded with the mare Nikki and was reluctant to be without her "all the way" over in the other pasture. He wasn't the worst horse but he didn't want to go where he was told to. So Julia lunged him and then lunged him with me in the saddle. All ended well with Star riding very well in the round pen. Kelsey has since rode Star in the round pen without any problems. The question becomes, "How will Star do out on the trail again?" We'll probably figure out this question by riding him out on the trail with his favorite mare, Nikki.  Posted by Picasa

OK...lunge line removed and getting centered on the saddle. Is this the same horse I rode last week? Posted by Picasa

Star doesn't want me telling him where to go outside of the round pen either. Inside the problem. Posted by Picasa

OK...let's try that again. Posted by Picasa

Julia and Star get it right in the round pen. The session ends on a positive note. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Kelsey Hobson of Ware MA and Star! Stall #5. Posted by Picasa

Star moves out at Kelsey's command. The deluge tested the Domnarski Farm drainage and I think we got an A+. No large puddles, just soft ground.  Posted by Picasa

Kelsey Hobson with Star in the round pen. Posted by Picasa

Ben and Henry help out the Austin family during the Belchertown Fair. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 14, 2005

Our boarder...Bonnie Kokosa and her son Colby is famous!!!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 10, 2005

Kelsey Hobson asked me if I could take Star for a trail ride while he's still adjusting to his new home. Star hasn't been out of the ring in awhile. I'm giving him a nice pat for being a great horse that didn't try to hurt me! Posted by Picasa

Star did very well. One big test for a new horse is to see if it can go out for a ride without other horses. Star got an A+. I wouldn't say Star was bomb proof but she had no problems on the trail and was good crossing water and other challenges. Posted by Picasa

Star's first ride at the Domnarski Farm. All tacked up and mounted in the center aisle before all the rain was supposed to begin Friday. Glad I took a few hours off from work early to give him a spin because it rained all weekend and the forecast is showers all week. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Julia took Sister for a 40 minute ride with Cocoa and I to see how her back has been healing. Sister did great. She doesn't like puddles though! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 03, 2005

Chance still wants to know everthying Star is doing but all is well. Posted by Picasa

Chance can't get enough. Robb is the boss and gives Star his approval. Posted by Picasa

Hopper, Chance and Star get to know each other. Posted by Picasa

Kelsey's Dad, John Hobson shows that he still knows how to lead a horse (...I'm out of the way! Ted watches and Puppy sniffs!) Posted by Picasa

Danni and Ted were nice enough to transport Star in their trailer from Backstretch Hunter/Jumpers.... Posted by Picasa