Domnarski Farm Blog Log

The Domnarski Farm is located on 55 acres of beautiful Massachusetts pasture land and woods, abutting thousands of additional acres of undeveloped and conservation land. We offer horse boarding opportunities and will host monthly trail rides welcoming others to trailer in their horses for a day of pleasant riding. Below is a chronological account of the latest noteworthy developments and events!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Rhonda and Bonnie take their first ride together. Posted by Picasa

Chris and Colby Kokosa. Posted by Picasa

Bonnie and Rhonda tacking up. Posted by Picasa

And she trained her into the sunset! Posted by Picasa

Puppy watches while Melanie rides near the helicopter pad. Posted by Picasa

Melanie and Ben one evening for some training. Posted by Picasa

Farm chores. Rain hat. Posted by Picasa

Henry smiles with Yogi. He needs a haircut! Posted by Picasa

We got a pony! Posted by Picasa

The Domnarski Cowboys at Crimson Acres looking for a pony. Posted by Picasa

Ben's legs aren't quite long enough to reach the stirrups. Posted by Picasa

Ben likes holding the reins. Posted by Picasa

Ben gets ready. No fear. Posted by Picasa

Henry in the saddle, proving he actually wants to ride. Posted by Picasa

Ben at Crimson Acres, Orange MA on the first part of our pony search. They were real nice to us up there and it was the first time the boys actually rode anything on their own. Posted by Picasa

"Yogi" has become a part of the Domnarski Farm family. Henry and Ben want to learn to ride. He's coming from Four Star Equestrian Center, Reisling Stables in Plymouth MA. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lisa and I were headed out on the trail to enjoy today's weather when Rhonda arrived. It wasn't planned, but the three of us had a great ride and Rhonda got to see some new territory. All the horses were good, but curious about each other. Posted by Picasa

Rhonda sets a Domnarski Farm record for heading out on the trail the soonest after boarding at the Domnarski Farm. She's having a good laugh on the short loop. Posted by Picasa

Rhonda suits up on Saturday and pokes around the farm on Sonny. Posted by Picasa

Melanie gets ready to ride Ben on the Domnarski Farm trails for the first time with Danni. Posted by Picasa

Danni is ready to go...Melanie wonders if Ben is ready? Posted by Picasa

Down the hill and to the trails...Melanie on Ben and Danni on Nikki leading the way. Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 01, 2006

How do you know when to get a pony for your child? Well....maybe its when he asks for one? Henry (eight years old) surprised us and asked. We took him out looking for "the right one" and more so, to see if thinking about it was the same as actually doing it. Turns out, he really liked being a rider. Crimson Acres was nice enough to let us try this one out, but she isn't the right one. We are looking for a small gelding...possibly a mule...and temperment is #1. We are set up for it so we'll be patient and wait until we find one that is perfect. Posted by Picasa

Henry and Ben do some cowboy riding on some vaulting barrels! Posted by Picasa