Domnarski Farm Blog Log

The Domnarski Farm is located on 55 acres of beautiful Massachusetts pasture land and woods, abutting thousands of additional acres of undeveloped and conservation land. We offer horse boarding opportunities and will host monthly trail rides welcoming others to trailer in their horses for a day of pleasant riding. Below is a chronological account of the latest noteworthy developments and events!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Crossed Ware Road on Whiskey Hill on Star with Danni. Posted by Picasa

Danni and the powerline towards Warren...Coy Hill. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 27, 2006

Star is crosstied and Matt tacks him up to go riding with his girlfriend "Nikki". Posted by Picasa

Danni/Nikki...ready to go. Posted by Picasa

Matt gives the thumbs up while Star gets one more bite of hay before hitting the trail. Posted by Picasa

Danni/Nikki and Matt/Star just before heading out on a "Three Hour Tour". Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

You go this way...we'll go that way (after our barn chores are done). Danni started out ahead of us and then Lisa and I had a ride in the opposite direction. Posted by Picasa

Danni tells us what lies ahead, coming from the opposite direction. Puppy waits. Posted by Picasa

Great day to ride...but still windy and cold... Posted by Picasa

Lisa having a two thumbs up ride...but cautious enough to only use one thumb! Posted by Picasa

...Happy Trails.... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Nikki gets a "Chance".

I wasn't there but the story goes something like this...

Danni/Nikki and Bonnie/Chance went out for a trail ride last Saturday during that great weather. All was well in the field off of Malbeouf road with some trotting until Chance decided to start bucking. Bonnie said it wasn't a big deal, and she was good for the first four hops, but the last one was a doozie and she came off.

No injury...but no horse. Chance decided he didn't need a passenger and that he would also head off on his own back toward Bacon Road.

With cell phone in hand, Bonnie activated the HRS or, "Horse Recovery System". Lisa responded in the G-Wagon, while Danni and Nikki galloped afetr Chance. Danni has said that perhaps someday she and Nikki would get to take part in Search & Rescue operation and that day was Nikki's "Chance".

Melanie happened to be training Ben and got in on the act. Lisa picked up Bonnoe to shorten the walk. Danni/Nikki guided Chance into the Domnarski Farm second entrance where Melanie was positioned with every horse's Kryptonite...a carrot treat.

All went well...and the above picture is Danni and Bonnie, just before Bonnie got "back in the saddle" and finished the trail ride. Another adventure with a happy ending at the Domnarski Farm! Good team work!


 Posted by Picasa

The usual social hang out. Roger, Hopper and Chance. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Feeding horses can be HARD WORK... Posted by Picasa

...but's it easy when you have the right rig to haul the hay! Posted by Picasa

Danni tends to Nikki's Winter coat. Posted by Picasa

I was flying by the farm today... Posted by Picasa

You can see the street light on the lower left corner of the pond for night ice hockey. The pines produce enough shade to keep the snow from melting. Posted by Picasa

The helipad is 40' x 40' Lat 42'13.95 Long 72'16.57 Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hello! First ride of 2006 for Lisa and I. We did two hours and it was quite the adventure. It was cold, but we were dressed for it. Both Cocoa and Roger received A+++ for some tough trail conditions like crossing an icy brook, busting through some crunchy frost, bypassing a glacier on Camillerri Hill that required a knee high bushwack through some brush, and being patient to wait out a backhoe digging up some rocks on the trail. We haven't ridden them in about 4 months, so they were perfect! Posted by Picasa

Lisa is bundled up...its the first day in about five without snow or 30 MPH winds. Roger is trying to figure out why he needs to stop to have a picture taken. Posted by Picasa

Lisa has the helmet cover on to keep the warmth in. It worked. Posted by Picasa

This is the "before" picture of Cocoa's posterior as he gets into shape for some long trail rides of 2006. Posted by Picasa

See you when it gets warmer! Posted by Picasa